Abe Lincoln: Dream Invader

It’s time for another dream blog. I wish the following dream was longer but it was not. Maybe it was. Maybe there was a whole other part to the dream I dont recall. No matter. It is still my dream and like all my dreams, they are eff’ed up. While eff’ed up, they do make for some great reading. Read on and don’t worry. It’s not very long.

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Inception: Clown Dream

I want to make something clear about this post before you read it. I wrote this at about 1am. I had just woken up from the dream and didn’t want to forget it. It isn’t like the other dreams. It’s different. Just read on. I need to write this down before I forget it. I won’t post this till the morning. I just had a dream and while I have some pretty fucked up dreams about nothing, this one actually wasn’t a dream. It was more of a nightmare. Chinese food and a couple of beers is to blame. I have had nightmares before. One was about a cyclops and another was me walking into a spider web. I have lots of dreams about zombies but those never scare me. Never once did I wake up screaming about the zombies that were after me. Other things scare me. Let me get to the dream…excuse me. I meant nightmare.

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Cake and Zombies

I had another dream the other night. I shouldn’t really make it sound like I don’t dream every night. I do. I dream all the time but some dreams fade away from my memory before I wake up and have time to write it down. At least I had time to write this one down first thing in the morning. I woke up and as I was driving to work, I recorded what I could recall about the dream. Looking at the title of this post, I am sure you know exactly what it is about. It’s a reoccurring theme in my dreams but this time, the zombies were overshadowed by something else. Read on to hear what that thing is.

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Kim Kardashian & The Blister-Faced Baby

It’s that time again for another one of my famous dreams. None of the dreams I have posted on here are made up. They are all real. Not real, real but real in the sense that I actually dreamt them up. I had this dream last night. I entered it in my phone at 3:47am. I immediately wrote it down. I almost passed on doing so but I knew if I did that, I would have forgotten the dream and all would have been lost. I hope you like this dream. It’s just as eff’ed up as  the others. Click any of the following links (here, here, here, or here) to read the other dreams I’ve had. Or you can click ‘continue reading’ to read my newest dream. Enjoy!

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