Captain Planet Dances

I like to think that everyone in the world has some sort of talent. It might be cooking. It might be a talent in singing or juggling. I like to think I have talent in writing. Captain Planet likes to think he has talent in the field of dancing. The below video is here to disprove of that. He is no Gene Kelly. In no way shape or form does he meet the level of Fred Astaire. I’ve been sitting on the video for a few weeks. He was thrilled that I still had it and asked to get it up on youtube. He’s also the same guy I wrote the poem about. No need to worry. The poem just has his name. I think it is a great poem.

When Captain Planet isn’t saving the world from eco-villains, he’s dancing. I edited out parts of the video. Usually it was someone walking by and ruining the amazing video I was trying to capture. It’s okay though. I added a little music. I tried to get creative with some of the clips but, damn! The boy has some serious moves. I wasn’t sure at times if I should call a medic or not. I give him props on doing this in public. I would never be caught doing this. Mainly, cause I don’t dance. Even if you fill me up with alcohol, I will never put my ace on the dance floor. It’s not my thing. I have more fun sitting alone in the corner of a club. I’d sit there and nurse my beer.

Whatever. I am done talking.

Video below.



And why am I Jupiter?


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