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This year is just about up. It went by fast. Really fast. I wish I could go back and list all the memories and the big events that took place this year but sadly, my life is just about as exciting as watching a Kansas City Chiefs game. I know tomorrow is New Years but I am going to do this a little early. You can read my 2012 bucket list here. Calling it a bucket list isn’t the wisest of things. I am not dying. Go read up on my resolutions from last year and when you get back, I can tell you how it all went. I wonder how many I completed and how many fell through. Go ahead and read it.
Let’s see what I want to accomplish for 2013 and after you read those, you can see how well I did on my 2012 list. I don’t think it will differ much from the previous year. For 2013, I want to put these on my list of things to do…

  • move to a new state/city
  • get published
  • run a marathon
  • defend my stronghold from zombies
  • not die
  • finish my 4 part short story

A shorter list than before but that’s okay. Things change. Take a look below at the list from 2012 and see which ones I stuck with and which ones I failed at. I hope that in 2013, I can say with great pride that all six items on my bucket list are completed.

2012 Review:

1) Write More.

I am still writing. I blogged a lot more than I did the past few years. I am currently and still working on those short stories. It’s funny. They were just going to be short stories and nothing more. But the ideas kept coming and the stories just wouldn’t work as a 10 page story. These stories will still all intertwine with each other. I am hoping to soon post some of it on here. I did post a part of it a while ago. You can check it out here. I need to finish these. If not all of them (all being 4), I need to finish at least the one I am working on. When that does happen, I’ll let you all know. 

So, yes. I think I am writing more. If I am not blogging, I am working on my short story. It is and always will be my first love. Sorry, work. You come second. Family comes a close third. Speaking of writing…

2) Publish Something I Have Written.

This still hasn’t happened. I can only blame myself. I am not sending things out there. I cannot expect something to just fall in my lap and skyrocket me to some fame. I need to start editing my work and get that crap out there. I think my stuff is good. I would love for people to read it. I can’t be greedy and keep these great ideas to myself and a select few. I need the world to read them. I think I wrote up a few poems since last year. You can read the poems below.

poem 1  poem 2

3) Promotion.

I am still the assistant. There is no other promotion to get expect deciding finally if I really want to become a manager. I am still 50/50 on it. Well, I am more 74/26 on it. I am not looking to pursue the duty as manager. This hasn’t changed. There has been no promotion for the year of 2012. Debating on whether or not the below bucket list item happens, the promotion (if I seek it out) could happen.

4) Move To A New State.

Again. Didn’t happen. I am still in my lease. I want out. I really am planning on moving this year. I say that. I do. I say it every year and every year I don’t move. I really want to this time. I just feel like it is time for me to get out of this place and explore a new and different life. It’s not like I am trying to abandon and remove ties from family and friends. I just want to get away. Been here far too long. Time to start anew.

5) Not To Die.

With the sad news of no zombie apocalypse or any other world ending event, I and the rest of humanity survived what we all thought would have been the end of the world. I am upset that no zombies rose up. I guess I should be happy and show some joy that I didn’t die in 2012 and I did get to put a check more next to another item on my 2012 bucket list. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be putting this on my list for 2013 too. Not dying is always nice.

6) Be Healthy.

quit smoking. That’s healthy. I started running too. That’s also healthy. I didn’t change my diet. I didn’t start working out like I planned but at least I quit smoking and I started running. That’s healthy and that is fine by me.

7) Do Another Food/Drink Log For 2012.

I started it but after 1 entry, I decided not to. I guess the project was a one time thing. I want to find another project to work on but I already have way too much I am working on at this moment. I need to slow it down a bit and start focusing on just one or two rather than trying to work on five or six at one time.

8) Survive The Zombie Apocalypse.

When 2012 happens, the world will end. We know that. When it does, we’ll be waging a war against zombies. I have plans to survive. I better survive. I can’t fire a gun but I know enough to last a while when they do rise and feast on our loved ones. Watch some zombie movies and you have your own guide to fend off the undead and help repopulate a world that is nothing but a giant wasteland.

I did survive. No zombies came. I am pissed. Damn Mayans. Thanks for not making the zombie apocalypse happen. I better contact the CDC. They’ll know what to do. Let us hope and pray that they come next year.

9) Get Married And Have Kids.

Survived that.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


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