Women are the reason for everything!

Women can complain all they want about who is the root of all evil. While men have their faults, their faults are because of one thing. We were just chillin’ in the garden. Our twig and berries flying about. Not a care in the world. God figured,

Hey, you look lonely. How about another person to keep you company.

It didn’t take much convincing. Even if you were against it, it’s God. God had the final day. So God gives us woman. A hot, sexy little thing that will be there when were bored. All is cool. We fool around.

We talk about life and the latest episode of Jersey Shore. One day, while things are all cool, you meet a talking snake. Look, bitch. It’s a snake. A talking snake for that matter. Why would you listen to it!? He offers you this and that. Typical woman. A man offers you gifts and you jump on him.

Take a bite.

That’s all he says. You do it. A bite. Really!? This all started with a effin’ bite!? You come along and all Hell breaks loose. Your only job was to please man. Maybe clean a little.  The garden could use some trimming. When he created woman, he never expected her to be wicked.  He assumed she would listen to man. She bit that apple and coaxed man into doing it too. Why? Cause man fears ever denying a woman’s demand. We may not be the brightest people but we know that pissing off a woman is a big no-no.

This my folks is why we have sin. Ladies, you made it happen. When your man cheats on you, don’t blame us. Blame yourself. If you never ate that apple, we would never have cheated on you. Awesome job! You get a gold star for starting original sin. Men, if a woman ever gives you lip, tell her this.

I was here first.


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  • Kill

    Really? This is the type of Christian you want the world to see?

    Grow up.

    • Kill,
      Yes, really. I blame women for it all. In fact, your comment is a direct result of Eve snacking on a granny smith.
      Lighten up. I post here to amuse myself and hopefully other people too.