The End of Days – Scenario II: Asteroid From Outer Space

Asteroid Hits Earth

Continuing on from yesterday, here is another scenario that could happen on 12/21/2012 and end all life on Earth. So you are reluctant to the idea that Obama is the anti-Christ? That’s okay. I won’t judge you. Here is another idea that you can think about.

An asteroid.

With a vast and endless galaxy out there, you have to wonder what jets through space unnoticed? Is there a super asteroid or a comet our top astronomers overlooked? I’m not space expert but I have enough sense to know that somewhere deep in space, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of giant rocks speeding through space just waiting for a planets orbit to reel them in and send this said object heading straight towards a planet. Possibly this unknown comet or asteroid will crash into a planet we know all to well, Earth. It’s 12/21/2012. You are waiting for what will be your last moments on Earth. You look to the sky. You spot it. You spot a tiny, white object getting bigger and bigger until it meets up with us and life is over.

The world is going to be partying it up on the eve of the end of times. We’ll be kicking back jäger bombs and getting one last woohoo in bed before it goes poof. The incoming asteroid will wipe out the world’s population.  Everything we worked on will be gone. All gone because of a giant rock hurdling through space. Funny…A rock is going to end humanity. I wonder how it will all play out. Fast or slow? (that’s what she said) I searched the web for an artist depiction of what it would look like if an asteroid or comet crashed into Earth. This is what many believe is what will take place when the asteroid collides with our planet. I should warn you. The video is graphic.

End Of Days

Not the actual destruction of mankind.

That is one outcome. The world could be blown up in seconds and we won’t even feel a thing. How would that be? To see that asteroid in the sky and there is nothing you can do but watch and face the fact you’re going to die. But there is also the chance that the asteroid will hit us and it will bring our planet into another ice age. Sure, they’ll be survivors but it won’t be me and it won’t be you. Unless you have money and then you can buy your way into safety. The rich people will prevail. There will be people who will be sitting nicely in bunkers hidden underneath the Kansas plains. Those rich people will sip on their champagne and enjoy their caviar as the schmucks without a penny to their name will sit helplessly in their basements, hoping that it will protect them from an object the size of Texas, crashing into Earth. That’s a really big rock and that really big rock is going to f**k up the world quicker than the Kansas City Chiefs can eff up their season.

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What about a third way?  The asteroid could flood the whole world. One good thing about the global flooding would be that the rich folks hiding in their bunkers under the ground will surely have no chance of escaping. That’s what they get for being so rich and not taking every possible outcome into effect. So many outcomes. God, predicting the end of the world is hard. So much easier if I just go with zombies. That still may happen.  I’ll get to them later. Right now, asteroid.  I hope the asteroid doesn’t blow the planet up with a slight tap. I want the planet to flood and make Earth into a real life, Waterworld. That was a cool movie and I am sure living on makeshifts boats and cities would be the bees knees. There is no telling what the asteroid will do when it hits us on 12/21. I know it will be very bad. The asteroid is going to end life on the planet no matter if it’s instantly destroys us or if it takes time to do so. Be aware that the world will take a beating on 12/21. If an asteroid hits us, be ready to swim.

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