April Stats – Part I: Drinks

I noticed as I collected all the data for this past month, I am not doing anything good to my body. I don’t eat right. I don’t drink right. It’s amazing that with the crap I put in my body, I still stay slim. Everyone says when I hit 40, it’ll come to haunt me. It’s okay. I have 10 more years to improve my eating habits. I am four months into the year and I still log it all. Pretty impressive, huh? Enough of this babbling. Let me show you the stats for the crap I drank.


This month, I had a total of 70 3/4 coffees. Damn. Even with me cutting back on starbucks coffee, I still somehow drink too much. I love coffee though. It’s a nice pick me up. I can drink coffee about any time of the day. It’s even more than what I had at the start of the year. In January, I had 61.  Not that much more but compared to last month (51), I am not doing anything good. To break it down,

  • 6 of those were Starbucks. Now that is impressive. Last month I had 12 and before that, I had 26.

    • 2 of those, were small coffees.
    • 4 were the largest size.

If I keep the math the same (not changing the fact that 2 were smaller size, meaning cheaper, I’ll keep it at the base price of $2.19)

6 x $2.19 = $13.14

  • This month, I had a staggering amount of coffee at work. This is something I really need to ease up on. I mean, look at last month. I had 5. This month I had, 44. I am not even going to do the math. You can see for yourself the huge increase. I can’t help it! I just love coffee. Maybe I can try (and when I say, try, I mean not to) to ease up and only get one cup a day. Who knows. I’m sure it won’t happen.
  • I made 2 trips to Bob Evans this month. I had a total of 5 3/4 cups. That seems about average. I don’t stay there very long. Plus for some reason, their coffee makes me sleepy.
  • The rest of my coffee is drank at home. I have my instant Foldger’s coffee I drink almost every day. Sometime I drink it twice a day. These came to total of, 19.


I am still going to drink soda no matter how much I say I won’t. Sure the sugar and other additives are eating away at my insides. It’s like a liquid carnivorous earwig. Last month, I had 56. This month, I had 61. And where did I get all these sodas at? Let me show you.

  • 58 of those were Coke.
    • 28 of those Cokes, were had on break at work.
      • Out of 18 days, 10 days consisted of me having 2 on break
    • 23 of those were cans of coke
    • 2 were from McDonald’s
    • 2 were from Burger King
    • 1 was a small 12oz. glass from work
    • The last 2 were from a trip to a local BBQ restaurant.
  • 3 of those were Pepsi
    • 1 from Philly Time
    • 1 from Popeye’s Chicken
    • 1 from Ming Garden


I was on a juice kick last month. I was hoping to keep doing it but no. Like every goal I make with this log, I don’t keep it.This month I had a total of  10 juices.

  • 8 of those juices were Orange Juice
    • 2 were from my trip to Bob Evans
    • 1 was a tall glass of Orange Juice at my moms (she made a delicious breakfast! Free too!)
    • 1 was a 15.2 oz Minute Maid bottle (it was my sister’s birthday. I treated it. Great brother right here!)
    • The final 4 were small 10oz bottles
  • 2 were 10oz. bottles of Minute Maid Mixed Berry


How I missed you. Last month I had 40. This month I had, 25. I was really hoping that being alone again, I would kill my liver in month. But, no. I am cut back on my alcohol and I don’t know why. Hopefully I can get my groove back. If Stella can, anything is possible.

  • 23 of my measly 25 were Bud Light bottles.
  • The final 2 were Schlitz.


I feel as if I have more milk this month than I have in the last 10 years of my life. I usually grab a milk in the morning when I get muffins or donuts to snack on. It’s some pretty damn good milk too.I had a total of 10 milks.

  • Those 10 milks were all chocolate milks. The brand? Belfonte! Eff Tea Double You.


To finish off the stats for drinks, here it my Etc… list.

  • 3 8oz. cups of water.
    • 1 was when I began to have an anxiety attack. I am still clueless as to what brings them on. I was at Target buying a few things. Picked up some toothpaste, a candy bar and a toilet brush. Now if my buying a toilet brush its that serious it brought on an attack, I have issues.
    • The other 2 were when I took some Valerian Root pills. They say it helps with stress/anxiety.

And that is it folks! That is the stats for the month of April. I don’t see much difference in what I drink. Only upside is the amount of Starbucks I have cut back on. At the start of the year I had 25 Starbucks. This month it was 6. Impressive my young Padawan.

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