The Aliens Are Coming.

I am firm believer in the existence of life in outer space. Have I ever seen a UFO? No, I haven’t. But just cause I haven’t seen one, doesn’t mean I can’t believe. There are plenty of things in our world that cannot and will not ever be explained. A few years ago, a friend of mine called me moments after he claimed he saw something in the sky. Even with my belief in the alien beings, I was skeptical about what he said he saw. Was he telling the truth? Possibly. I never thought that they would come visit Kansas City. Honestly, even those living on Earth don’t make yearly visits to our Midwestern city. But at the time he called me, these beings were right in my backyard. They were just miles from where I live. Why are these aliens visiting us? Why are they buzzing around our great planet? What do we have to offer them? They are obviously smarter than us. We can’t colonize the moon and we can’t make a spacecraft that can explore the far reaches of space. They have the technology. If they ever wanted to, I bet they can wipe us out in minutes. Or, they can enslave the human race and make us be at the beck and call. I’d rather just have them blow up the earth. Being captured by space creatures doesn’t settle to well with me.

A while after my friends encounter with the first kind, I went to visit another friend. While chilling and relaxing at his place, I jokingly mentioned the alien invasion in Kansas City. I don’t know what happened next but I can only explain the look on his face. It was sheer horror. He was like a deer in headlights. Is he actually buying into this? I know I said I am a believer but the idea of them coming in for an invasion is things you only hear about in movies and in books. My friend paused for a moment. He held up his finger, motioning to me to be quiet and not to make jokes about something that is inevitable. My friend is dead set that my little take on a measly UFO sighting is all true.

Him: Don’t joke about that.

Me: What? That the aliens are coming?

Him: Yes. Dude, you don’t understand. (pause) I don’t know if I should even be talking to you.

Me: …

Him: You don’t know anything. (censored)! I just can’t.

Me: You can’t what?

Him: All I can say is, your friend witnessed only the beginning.

WTF? The beginning? What is he talking about? I pushed and pushed for more information. He was reluctant to say anymore. But since I was his friend, he said it was my right to know. He just didn’t want me to worry. What would I have to worry about? It’s not like these aliens are going to harvest us for food or turn us into pod people. There is no invasion. There is no war heading our way. I can’t say I know why they are here. I have no explanation why they were flying above our city. But to come here to destroy us and our planet is, bulls**t. They could have done it already.

We sat down and had a few drinks. We talked about work and anything else. I still wondered what the hell he was talking about. I wanted to know what was eating away at him. What bit of information was so mind-blowing he couldn’t discuss it with me. I had to know. I wanted to know. If not, I could die well before the aliens could probe me for shits and giggles. The alcohol set in and him and I both felt a little more relaxed. I brought the subject back to the impending alien invasion. He kept mum the first few times I asked him. But I kept at it. I was not going to let this go away. Spill the beans, buddy. Tell me what you know.

I do not want to alarm my readers. I am just telling you the truth. I am telling you what I know now and what he has known for so many years. Could the below information be true? Could everything he was about to tell me change the way Earth is. Only time will tell. You are welcome to take what I say below however you wish. Believe me or don’t believe me. I am not going to be upset either way. I am just here to let you know what is expected within the next few years.

Me: So what is so important about the UFO that you can’t tell me.

Him: I can’t. I wish I could but I can’t. I don’t want you getting involved in it.

Me: Dude…just say it.

He looked around the apartment. He was making sure it was safe (I guess) before he continued. He put his hands over his mouth and started. He stopped. I know he wanted to tell me but something was keeping him from opening up.

Him: Okay. But I can’t tell you here.

Me: Want to tell me outside? I can smoke in the process.

Him: No. It’s not safe outside. It’s never really safe in her either.

Me: Safe? WTF are you talking about?

Him: Following me in the bathroom. I can tell you in there. It’s the safest place in my apartment.

Either he was going to open up and tell me the story or he was going to open up something else. I hope the situation I am about to put myself into doesn’t turn into some late night Cinemax movie. I followed him into the bathroom. I was asked to close the door behind me. You know, to make it safe. I stood against the door. My hand was gripping the doorknob. If I was getting into some sort of role-playing fantasy, I wanted to be out of there lickety split.

Me: Okay. We safe now?

Him: Not entirely. But being in here is the safest place. They can’t hear very well in here.

Me: Who?

Him: The government.

Me: Um…the government? Are they listening in on us?

Him: Yes. They have been for a while.

Me: And why is the government listening to you? What makes you special?

Him: I know things. I shouldn’t know these things but I do.

Me: What?

Him: Okay. Don’t freak out.

Me: …alight…

Him: I know about the aliens. They know about me.

Me: Aliens know you? Were you abducted or something?

Him: Yes. The government knows about it. They have been watching and listening to me.

I am still curious as to why we had to have the discussion in the bathroom. Why was that the safest place to discuss the plans of this alien invasion. For all the technology the government has, they can’t break some unseen force in a bathroom. Even the aliens. Maybe they haven’t perfected their technology of the bathroom. Whatever the answer is, I guess I am safe.

I am at a loss for words. How do you react to something like this? I could call bulls**t. But whatever he is talking about, he is sure enough that it really happened and is still currently happening to him. Off topic (but somewhat related). I had this friend, “Harry”. One night while we drank, we filmed ourselves talking. I did this often when I had people over. I just set up the camera to record our conversations. It’s nice to go back and see what nonsense we said when intoxicated. “Harry” and I were talking about high school. Sometime during the conversation, he told me I had to turn off the camera. He wouldn’t continue with his story till I did so. I turned it off. He told me he had a job during high school that he wasn’t proud of. Mcdonald’s? Burger King? No. It wasn’t fast food. It was something a much worse. The things he did could put him behind bars. He could get the chair for the things he did. During high school, “Harry” was a hitman. Yes. He was a hitman for the mafia. He said he killed a number of people. None of the bodies have been recovered and they never will be. That is how good he was at his job. He was serious. He believes without a doubt that he was a hitman. Just like my friend about, I shouldn’t know about his past life. Knowing what I know now, could put me in danger. There could end up being a price on my head. Nice to know that the local mafia is out to get me. I wish I had it on tape. It was priceless.

Getting back on track. My friend and I were still in the bathroom. My bits and pieces are safe. There will be no probing here. There might be if the aliens show up to silence him. The government could be outside this very moment. It could be only a matter of time before men dressed in black suits and wearing dark sunglasses, come busting into his place.  We’ll be standing there with guns pointed at our faces. Maybe knowing his deep secret isn’t worth it. When he told me about the government listening in and watching him, I couldn’t help but picture a man parked in a car outside with a long camera lens taking photos of us while we discussed his involvement with the country’s government.

My friend is convinced that the government is listening in on him and watching his every move. I already have a fear of people watching me. It’s like when I go to the clubs (or when I did). I wouldn’t dance on the floor. It’s not that I can’t dance. Actually, it is. I can’t dance. Neither can Captain Planet. That isn’t the point. I just wouldn’t go out there. If I did try to dance, I was always worried that everyone would stop what or who they were doing to watch me bust a move. I hate being watched. It’s a very uneasy feeling. Maybe that is why he is nervous about telling me anything. But I have to know the reason why our government is so interested in my friend. What does he possibly know that the powers of this nation are taking time out of their busy lives to capture and catalog his every move. If the government is watching him, are they watching him now? Were they watching me when I walked into his place? Crap! Does the government know about me now? Am I going to have to move? I hate moving. It sucks. All this craziness is because my friend saw a UFO one night and I had to make a big ordeal about it. We were still in the bathroom. I continued to poke (ha! I said poke.) and prod him for a little more of an explanation.

Him: I know things I shouldn’t know. I am very important to them.

Me: What do you know?

Him: They know about the aliens and what I am being used for.

Me: You’re being used….by the aliens?

Him: (pause) I really don’t know if I should tell you.

Me: I’m not going to tell anyone. (oops.) You can trust me.

Him: (he smirks like he really isn’t sure if he should go on) When I was abducted, I was told things.

Me: Told what? The secrets to space travel?

Him: (laughs) No. You know about the Mayan calendar?

Me: Yeah. The world is supposed to end in 2012.

Him: And it will. They told me.

So…the world is ending in two years? Awesome to know. The story that was unfolding was more than I could possibly imagine. We have aliens, UFO’s, the government, and the apocalypse. Hollywood is going to be jealous of me. I should feel sorry for my friend. This is an awful heavy weight on his shoulders. To be stalked by the government and have the knowledge of the end of world. It’s easy to understand why he doesn’t want to tell me. I wouldn’t want to know this crap either. It’s like if you knew the day you were going to die. How would you spend the rest of your years till that day arrives?

Me: I really don’t believe in the Mayan calendar crap. Nothing is going to happen.

Him: But it will. The world is going to end. But…

Me: But what?

Him: I can stop it. That’s why the government is listening and following me. I play a very important role in the end of the world.

Me: So, the aliens kidnapped you and told you the world is going to end but you can stop it?

Him: I can’t tell you anything else. I’ll just say the aliens need me. I’ve been in contact with them since I was a kid.

Me: So the aliens keep in touch with you?

Him: Yes. That is why they are here. It’s getting close to 2012. But I can’t tell you anything else. I’ve said too much.

Me: …

Him: You shouldn’t know about any of this. I probably put you in a lot of trouble.

This is getting more effed up the more he talks. From what I can make of it, he’s able to stop the end of days but he’s also the one that can and will make it happen. The aliens need him to complete the task at hand. The government is aware of this. They are keeping tabs on him to keep him quiet. They don’t want him to spread a panic throughout the land. If the people were to know about their impending doom, I don’t think they’ll take it very lightly. If someone was to tell me the world was going to end Saturday, I’d be hysterical! I guess I am now in trouble. Not only do I have the government after me, I have so intelligent alien race watching me. I probably have my lines tapped. I bet the government is on to this blog. If this blog somehow shuts down in the next few days, then my friend was telling the truth. I can handle the government. I don’t think I can handle aliens watching me. I don’t need that crap in my life. I got Carlos. I got Claudia. I don’t need another bothersome being making my life hell.

I already said too much. I am putting myself in danger. I’m putting him in danger. He’s my friend and I really shouldn’t be making light of this situation. Doomsday is here and he can stop it. I should be on his side. You should be on his side. It doesn’t really matter what I say anymore. I am already pinned for death. It’s just a matter of time before they come for me. I am already dead. Not to mention, my friend is now probably dead. He could be on some alien spacecraft, getting dissected. My family will now be hunted by our government. To think. All this is because my friend spotted a UFO above our city. Are those the aliens that are going to conquer our planet and make us their pets? If my friend can save us, why doesn’t he? What knowledge does he have that he didn’t tell me? I know this post sounds like a bunch of bologna but it isn’t. He was 100% sure of himself. He believed every word he said. He is sure that the world will end in 2012. The aliens are coming. They are planning a take over and eventually, after the takeover, the destruction of our planet will soon follow. It’s aliens or it’s zombies. Maybe both. Maybe zombie aliens (Hey, Hollywood…movie idea. Zombie Aliens).

Say your prayers. Tell your family you love them. We have all but two years before everything we have accomplished is no more. This supreme race of ET’s will bring death to all of us. Just hope my friend does the right thing and stops the apocalypse before it happens. I better get a story together before the government comes knocking on my door. I need to make up some lie and not have my memory wiped clean by the Men In Black. I don’t like Will Smith and I don’t want him to have the privilege of wiping my memory clean. Tommy Lee Jones can do it. I like him and if I had the chance, I’d get him a donut with sprinkles on it any day.

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  • Andy2324

    Well it’s 2013 and we are still here.. The real problem is in the next few years solar flares will wipe us out.. The ETs are going to take some chosen few with them.. Good luck

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  • j

    i know its 2011 but if you see this comment i believe you they are watching me i feel it
    you know that feeling when ur being watched?
    i feel then when i’m in the bathroom
    everytime i go in the bathroom i’m super aware
    i could crab a brom or something in a second so aware i’m just so scared sometimes and my last house was haunted so that didnt make the bathroom feeling any better
    they watch me!
    i probably wont look at this blog again but just for you to know i’m a believer your not alone. j