Action Packed Top Ten

What makes a good action flick?

Kicking Ass?



Blowing Shit Up?



Being A Total Badass?



Who doesn’t love a good action packed movie? How will I pick just ten? Let’s just get right to the list shall we?

10. Conair/Face-off

It’s a tie between these two. Nicolas Cage used to be a good actor. When he decided to do Wickerman and Bankok Dangerous, he became as popular as Steve Guttenberg. Conair has an amazing cast. Shit blows up, people fight and bodies fall from the sky. Faceoff is stylized with doves flying and passion for peaches. “Peaches? I could eat peaches for hours.” You decide. Which one should reign supreme for the number 10 slot?



09. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The ending scene, the car chase, the hits, the house fight= bad ass flick! Did I mention Vince Vaughn is in it too?



08. Air Force One

Best. Line. Ever.


07. The Matrix Triolgy

Being that the whole series is one big action orgasm, I figured I’d put all three at number 7. Sure Keanu Reeves is a shitty actor but the movie was great. The rooftop scene, the car chase, the shoot-outs, and more shoot-outs. Ignore the whole, “we live in the matrix” story. Just go see the movie for the violence and the ass kicking. That’s all that is important. But, Kirk? If the story isn’t important, why is this movie on the list?

This is why.

06. The Terminator Series

I have yet to watch the 4th one. But I’ll assume its good. T2 was my favorite, then the first, and Rise of the Machines last. RotM only gets top prize because of the nukes going off. I love watching the world burn. I need to get a top ten End of the World flicks on here soon. More videos below of some kicking ass scenes.

05. Die Hard

He kicks some series ass. Shit is always blowing up! Classic catch phrase too. A plane blows up, a building blows up, and how many people take on a jet fighter with their bare fist?

Yippie-Kai-Yay, Mother F**ker!

04. The Dark Knight

I really don’t like Heath Ledger. I didn’t think he was the great actor everyone made him out to be. Being a gay cowboy doesn’t make you great. I will give him credit for his take on The Joker. He did a great job. This was a badass movie. Batman is by far, the greatest comic book hero ever. I do hope Mr. Nolan continues on and makes a third one. I’d like to see them redo The Riddler. He’s my favorite villian.

+1 for blowing shit up.

03. Wanted

Another flick where Angelina Jolie is an assassin. She was born for this kind of role. I don’t know who James McAvoy is or where he came from but he kicked some serious ass at the end of this flick. Senseless violence is the best part of an action flick.

02. Taken

Don’t eff with Liam Neeson. He’ll look for you, he’ll find you, and he’ll kill you.

The best action flick…..

01. GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

I’ve loved this cartoon since I first laid eyes on it. I was worried about the movie being lame and cheap. I was wrong. It was everything I could have hoped for.

I could have explained more about the movie and why I loved it but they’re action flicks. The only thing about them are the explosions, chase scenes, and lots of ass kicking. I’ll have more fun with my next list. I just felt I needed to rush another top ten out quick, I don’t want to slack on these. I promise, comedies will be next.


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