A Strange Letter

I don’t know why I am posting this. I shouldn’t be. I am invading someones life and gossiping about them and their problems. A gentleman I work with found the attached note on the ground one day. I took the letter home and did my best to decipher it. The writing was a bit sloppy but I managed. Below is the letter that was found. It’s quite sad.

Dear ones,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the summer. I’ve had a burden placed on my heart and it’s perhaps time to share. Twenty-nine years ago, July 5th, I married your mother and moved into your home. I really became the visitor on a permanent basis. That’s what I eventually came to feel.
I am sure you all tried to make our milled relations work. They often are the hardest. Life, as often is the case, has shown us that making relationships work is often the most difficult. I have failed at relationships with you. We need only to look at my month and a half stay at Menninger’s Clinic in the mid 1990’s. No reason for details of my stay except to note I have suffered from clinical depression and bipolar syndrome for years. Steve help diagnose the bipolar and for that I am grateful.
Anger is still part of my psychic along with increasing degree off tir(?) At times, I do not know if the situation I feel is anger or tie(?) or both.  Regardless, I feel terrible and sometimes make those ? me feel bad.  If I have made you feel badly, I am sorry.
My last two points. First, I have failed relationally and ?. I have not failed being able to sense something – call it a sixth sense if you will. That sense tells me, my years with you as you were children and now as you are adults is largely based on a dislike for me. Perhaps I am mistaken. I am also certain with all my mistakes and failures, we all need an active & ongoing relationship with our Lord.
My second and last point is that we are nothing but a mere nanosecond of time, if that. We’re not permanent, only the word of Lord is. (Isaiah 40:8) No matter your location point in this part of life’s journey, get active with others who believe in the power of our Lord. Let nothing or no one stand in your way. Run to a fellowship of churchgoers or ?ship of Christian athletes, etc. Run-
I know several of you plan a time together here in August, so there is every reason for a pleasant time with ? and so there is no chance of a conflict in attitude or action for me. I’ll plan sometime away during you visit.
Best wishes now and for the future,
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