A Solar Flare Is Coming And It’ll Take Us Back To The Dark Ages

One of my favorite movies is, Escape from L.A I know it isn’t the greatest movie ever. It is a bit cheesy but I can ignore the cheese and look to what really mattered to me the whole movie. I loved the ending. I loved how Snake (Sorry, his name is Plissken) clicks a button on the whole world is sent right back in the dark ages. I was 16 at the time and any movie about the end of the world excited me. Movies like that still do. We have 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Knowing, The Walking Dead, etc…

But what if one of those movies becomes reality? What if all the end of the world movies I love so much weren’t Hollywood pictures but predictions of impending actual events that will happen. Cataclysmic events that when they do happen, will destroy the world we love and bring on the final days. Earth will no longer be the blue marble in the galaxy but left as a dark spot floating 92,960,000 miles from our Sun.

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