Bucket Lists 2013

This year is just about up. It went by fast. Really fast. I wish I could go back and list all the memories and the big events that took place this year but sadly, my life is just about as exciting as watching a Kansas City Chiefs game. I know tomorrow is New Years but I am going to do this a little early. You can read my 2012 bucket list here. Calling it a bucket list isn’t the wisest of things. I am not dying. Go read up on my resolutions from last year and when you get back, I can tell you how it all went. I wonder how many I completed and how many fell through. Go ahead and read it.

The Department Of Motor Vehicles: Part II


This is the conclusion to my misadventures of getting my tags for my car. I wasn’t planning on this being a two-part entry but the first part of the story ended up being a lot longer than I had originally planned. Go back and read the first part. I went for an oil change and ended up spending over 300 dollars on my car. Pretty expensive oil change. This will be the last part. There is no need for a third. I promise. I will not stretch this out longer. The second day wasn’t as long as the first but it is still enough to talk about. Enough of me rambling. Let’s get to the story and finally let me get the tags to my car. I am determined to be that law-abiding citizen I’ve been craving so much.

When I left NTB, I was still needing my property tax records. I went to print them off but my printer was giving me some issues. I really dislike my printer. I should get a new one but really, who prints crap off anymore? Without the possibly of getting them printed off, I decided to stay home for the night and with the use of my store’s printer and internet, I’ll just access it from there. I really don’t want to head to the annex building to get the two forms I need. I don’t like it in there. It’s not as bad as them DMV but those ladies and usually that one guy are not very pleasant and would rather be somewhere else than at work.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles: Part I

I had to get my tags replaced on my car today. I was hoping I didn’t have to do since my tags expired this month of the year 2012. I was hoping the Mayan’s prediction would come true so I wouldn’t have to sit, wait, and deal with the happiest people ever. But they were wrong. The world didn’t end. No zombies appeared. No asteroid came crashing into our planet, and there weren’t any natural disasters to end life on Earth. With the world still going on, I decided it would be best to get new tags on my car. I’ll need to drive with legal tags and not have the constant fear wondering if the police will pull me over for tags that ended on what should have been the end of all humanity. With the fear of the law in my head and the disappointed of no zombies, I hopped in my POS car and headed off to get the tags and to have the relief that I am a law-abiding citizen with tags that are legal and up to date.

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Open Letter to the Hate Mongers of Westboro Church

Westboro Shooter

This is a letter to the people of the Westboro Church. I hope they see it and I hope they realize that they are not God’s army. They are a hate group. They are horrible people and I wish them nothing but pain in the future.

Dear Westboro Church,

I am appalled at this so-called group of people who like to call themselves, Christians. Never once have I heard anything nice or positive about you people. Never once have I read anything positive or uplifting about how you bettered this world with lending a hand to those less fortunate. You are not Christians. You are not messengers of God. You are not a positive addition to this world and you are clearly not nice people. You and your homophobic followers are nothing but hateful, ignorant people. How can you travel the country and think that protesting funerals will make people see your view? It’s not helping your case. It’s not making people like you any more. In fact, with each funereal you picket and each time you open your mouth to speak, people band together and just wish that you will return to whatever hole you crawled out of. I shouldn’t say it but you are the worst kind of people alive. America would be a better place if you just went all Heaven’s Gate.

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