January Stats – Part I: Drinks

Once again I am doing the food log. I didn’t do it last year. I had another idea I wanted to accomplish but that fell flat. It would’ve been nice if I just did the food log. I have lots of projects I am trying to do this year. The food log seemed like a good idea again. I don’t count calories or look at the portion size. I am doing this for the same reason I did it the first time. I am just curious as to what I eat. Below is what I drank for the first month of this year. I also would like to add that when the year ends, I will tally up the same things I tallied up back in 2010. Be silly to count things and show you a graph and not compare this from 2 years ago. I still don’t know what else I have planned for this project.I am sure I will do a nice update 6 months in. Be patient. Anyway, read on. Here is what I drank in January of 2010 and now here begins the food log  for 01/2012.

I will begin with coffee:

  • Folger’s Single Pack Coffees (total 28)
  • Small Caribou Coffee (total 3)
  • Medium Caribou Coffee (total 2)
  • Large Caribou Coffee (total 1)
  • Bob Evans Coffee (total 12)
  • Starbucks Large Coffee (total 7)

Total Coffee: 53

Alcohol is next:

  • Bud light 12 oz. bottles (total 18 1/2)
  • Bud light 7 oz bottles (total 3)
  • Budweiser 12 oz bottles (total 80)
  • Boulevard Wheat Beer (total 1)

Total Beer: 102 1/2

Let’s see how much soda I drank:

  • Coke (total 23)
  • Pepsi (total 14)
  • Root Beer (total 1)
  • Lemonade (total 3)

Total Soda: 41

The other remaining things I drink throughout the month are:

  • Shot of rum (The love of my life. I love you, Captain Morgan)
  • Powered fruit punch (total 7)
  • Water (total 18)
  • Orange Juice (total 6)
  • Chocolate Milk (total 4)
  • Hot Chocolate with a touch of English Toffee Cappuccino

There is what I drank the last month. I need to admit one thing. Early today when I was prepping this project, I mistakenly deleted an entire day of notes. I did catch a bit of what I remember seeing but as for January 14th, 2012, it doesn’t exist for this project. It shouldn’t make that big of difference. It will bug me that I lost it. I wanted this to be exact but I know when I did this 2 years ago, I missed things too. It’s not perfect. Looking over it all, I worry.

These numbers scare me. Mainly the amount of alcohol I drank. Each bottle is 12 fluid ounces. The small bud light bottles are 7 fluid ounces. Taking those and the 1/2 beer I drank, I came to another 27 fl oz. All together I drank 1,215 fluid ounces of beer. That (according to trusty google), came to 9.4921875 gallons. Gross. Sounds like I need to slow down on the drinking. Wonder how much coffee I drank so far… We’ll do that another time. I am still shell-shocked by the amount of beer that I consumed in just one month. There are still 11 to go. Hopefully, I can kill the hunger for the taste of barley and hops and drink something else. Pray for me. Pray for my liver. Besides, I’m running now. Beer needs to go.

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